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Our French Lop Rabbits

These French Lops are our stud and show rabbits. French lops are big rabbits weighing a minimum of 10lb, most of mine weigh between 12-15lb. This breed needs a large strong hutch and lots of bedding and they crave attention they have an excellent laid back temperament because of this they get on well with other household pets, which is why a lot of people keep this breed as a house rabbit. We are members of French Lop Rabbit Club.


We no longer breed French Lops at Chimbunny Stud.

This is 11 year old George Chinchilla Self. He was born and bred here as were his previous generation he is our show winning stud buck and our big Teddy Bear

This is George and George Junior he will take over when his dad eventually retires

Chocolate Mantle

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This is George Chinchilla Self born and bred here This is George and George Junior he will take over

Orange Mantle

Orange Self

Chocolate Otter

Lilac Otter Mantle

Chocolate Self

We no longer breed French Lops